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Bath, Shower and Bathroom Services

As a licensed and insured contractor, we are fully certified to diagnose, clean and repair any part of the bathroom plumbing in your home. We take every job seriously because we believe that all of our clients deserve the best possible service whenever they hire us. You don’t have to worry about cutting corners or sloppy workmanship when you choose us as your plumber.

A functional shower or bath is essential to your daily life. A clogged drain, leaky bathroom faucet, or sudden drop in water pressure are all enough to completely ruin the experience. Some shower repairs are so severe that they render the bathroom useless, a frustrating, disruptive experience for all.

With the staggering variety of bath and stall setups on the market, it can be challenging to find the real source of an issue without the proper equipment and training. There are many things that can go wrong with the various pipes and fixtures in even the most basic bathroom. Wet n Warm stays on top of new designs and current industry standards, so that we can provide homeowners with the best bathtub and shower head repair services in South Yorkshire